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    Medical Devices

    The Medical Devices category covers another vast selection of items. Every conceivable medical procedure or examination requires some sort of medical device. From simple glucose monitor to the blood pressure monitors, defibrillators, and EKGs, hospitals and clinics rely upon quality, dependable devices in the everyday tasks. Intercontinental Pharma has a proven track record for supplying first rate items.

    Anesthesia, Defibrillators, Diagnostics ECG/EKG, Fetal Monitoring, Neonatology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Operating Room, Patient Monitor, Point of Care Testing, Syringe Pumps, Ultrasound Imaging, Video Laryngoscope, Video Colposcope, Smoke Evacuator Systems, Dopplers, Vacuum Pumps, Urology ESWT and Veterinary