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    Medical Supplies

    We currently have thousands of items in stock, ranging from surgical drapes to syringes, test strips, cotton balls and bandages. The daily needs of any one hospital or clinic are enormous and thousands of pairs of gloves can be used in a single day. The range of gloves is wide from non-sterile latex free to cuffed sterile chemotherapy gloves. We are able to supply this wide variety in large quantities in a quick and proficient manner.

    Dental, Emergency Medical Service, I.V Products, Gloves, Incontinence, Exam and Diagnostics, Patient Care, Personal Care, Personal Protection, Respiratory, Syringes and Lancets , Diabetic, Wound Care, Advanced Wound Care, Urological, Personal Cleaning Wipes, Anesthesia , Surgical Solution, Wetpack Products, Veterinary Supplies, Airway Management , Antiseptic Products, Ointments and Creams, Maternity and Baby Care